Customizing great cashmere products all starts with the yarn. The luxury look and feel in combination with long durability can only be reach with high quality yarn. If 100% cashmere or a cashmere blend House of Cashmere products are made from the finest, longest and whitest fiber the trade mark of a world class cashmere product.

Coloring process

Some techniques used in the coloring process can do damage to the cashmere fiber. The ultimate professional process is fiber dyed yarn that guarantees high quality and long durability. 


Main product lines; sweaters, ponchos, shawls, mufflers, throws, socks, hats, gloves and coats.

With traditional hand looms or automatic knitting and weaving machines any design pattern can be produced in small and large volumes.

Design patterns are directly woven or knitted in to the garments. In addition we use high quality screen print, digital print and embroidery techniques to make unlimited beautiful design patterns.

We customize cashmere products in accordance to your market niche and customers purchase power. Give your brand the edge for success.


There is no doubt that cashmere is the diamond of all fibers due to it's unique qualities; softness, warmth, light weight and stunning colors. These qualities ultimately offer an amazing feeling of comfort, elegance and luxury.