We'll help you find your way.

Confused over what is and where to find high quality cashmere products in today's jungle of products, producers and promises? 

If your business are in retail, wholesale or design we help you to make informed choices and make your next design and purchase with confidence.

Genuine cashmere is a high quality luxury product. It can be a very expensive mistake to deal with dishonest producers selling their products to any price.


High quality cashmere and perfect craftsmanship is a understatement but in today's crowded retail space extravagant design is essential for success.

Making great cashmere products you need to understand how to combine the specific cashmere yarn qualities with your designs.

We help you taking your design ideas from drawing board to final product.     


There are no high quality cashmere factory that cover all production needs.

If knitting or weaving, traditional hand looms, latest production technologies, small or large volumes, screen print, digital print, embroidery, colors and more we have the solution for your retail concept.

With our extensive network of high quality cashmere factories we have the solution for your production. High quality, flexibility, cost effective, short delivery times are some of the services we guarantee you as our valuable customer.

We customize your products and production in accordance your customers purchase power and ultimately your success. 


We specialize in cashmere concepts. There are endless retail opportunities combining customized product designs, smart production and distribution with professional marketing.

In today's crowded retail space it is no point doing what everybody else is doing. Creating your niche market is crucial for your commercial success.

Share your concept ideas with us. We will give your brand a perfect product solution matching your concept.